Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 3: The Grand Canyon (To and Fro)

Mile 488.6: We're on our way!

Mile 507.1: Hi, we're at 6,000 Feet!

Mile 533.7: Welcome to Flagstaff. Home of some random stuff.

Mile 535: 7,000 Feet! WEE!

Mile 537.8: We see a sign for LA. Yo, we still ain't even going there.

Mile 538.1: Donna utters the phrase, "What is that noise? Is that an airplane or my car?" Jeff trembles and misses the Turquoise Bullet.

Mile 539.2: Bun Huggers = hot!

Mile 540.7: 76 Miles to the Grand Canyon! Jeff wonders if we'll be driving up the giant mountain in front of us. Suddenly, he doesn't miss the Bullet as much.

Mile 541.9: The term is actually "White-HOT trash" in Arizona. . . know, because it's veryhot. Ahem, how's it goin?

Mile 546.9: Jeff and Donna get stuck behind a Poopenanny truck.

Mile 552.8: Ohmygod, 8,000 Feet! Or, in Donna's world: "We're 8000 miles up! Or whatever."

Mile 588.7: It smells like a Poopenanny.

Mile 610.5: Donna puts her arm in the sun. It immediately begins to smolder.

Mile 612.9: Waz break in the Time Zone Vortex.

Mile 621.5: Lost inside of the Grand Canyon park. We nearly drive into it.

Mile 650: Wooo! 650 Miles!

ON THE WAY BACK TO SEDONA. . .it's pretty much the same thing...except:

Mile 718.3: We wind up on the Scenic Road of Death!

Click on this one, cuz it's kinda cool!

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