Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sedona--The Best Place Ever!

Friday – arrived in Sedona after being in the car for about 5 hours. We checked into the Wildflower Inn and went to dinner. YUM! With a view of the red rocks and a vodka in my hand … I was VERY happy!!

We walked around the town of Sedona and then I was pretty much ready for sleep. BORING! Stopped at the Circle K for some gas and while I was pumping I noticed this GIANT creature standing near my car.

DAMN they got some big-ass bugs out here! Seriously, it was so big that it’s body didn’t even touch the ground. GROSS!

Saturday – get in the car we’re going to the Grand Canyon!! Jeff got up at a hundred o’clock, but we made it up there during daylight hours. Jeff & I are terribly frightened of heights, but we managed to take in the beauty of the Canyon. Jeff cried a little when I asked him to pose for a photo near the wall.

When we got back to Sedona we walked across the street (thru all the construction and bulldozers and nonsense) to the Blue Moon Café. It was fun in there. Our waitress was awesome! They had books on the tables with titles like: HOW TO COPE WHEN YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS & HOW TO LOSE 2 POUNDS IN 5 YEARS. That’s good comedy.

Jeff's right there!

Once again it’s early and I’m ready for bed. BORING! Must be this desert heat and driving all day long …

Sunday @ 11:50 am. We finally found a place to eat breakfast. For obvious reasons, people get up REALLY early here (but not Jeff) because there is so much to see and do (of course Jeff was just saying how if he had to spend another day here he would go insane ‘cause there is nothing to do). REALLY?! There is so much we didn’t do (PINK JEEP TOUR) ‘cause we were here for 5 minutes!!

And just for the record I had ONE DRINK the entire time we were in Arizona. That’s right, ONE. Jeff had two. Jeff keeps saying ‘what happened to you?’ Sedona is not a rowdy place and I was just soaking up the atmosphere and beauty and Jeff just kept saying he wanted to get me drunk. Considering most places around here close at 9:30 (and I’m about ready for bed by then), it’s a little difficult to get crazy.

Jeff is insane. He’s saying that mid-day is 4:00. Is he for real? He thinks noon is morning. He doesn’t even acknowledge anything before 11:00 am. What’s wrong with him?!

I LOVE SEDONA and don’t want to leave. I feel that way every time I come here. I was driving around yesterday morning (while waiting for Jeff to get ready) and noticed some houses for sale … oh, to have loads of money!!

It is 12:14 and we need to get start heading back to San Diego (this isn’t going to be pretty). Jeff has to work tomorrow, even though he was supposed to be finished with this job last week (or the week before). They keep changing their minds. IDIOTS!!!!!

So, poor Jeff has to drive up to LA after we get back to San Diego – which is probably going to be around 10:00 tonight. UGH!

I need a smoothie before we get in the car.

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One cocktail??? RIGHT!!!