Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 2: Yuma, AZ to Sedona, AZ

Mile 176.1: Donna's already complaining. Donna wishes Jeff was never born because he has to work Monday.

Mile 177.4: Hi, we're going 0MPH in Yuma. Like everyone and everything else there.

Mile 178.6: We need to turn around. Hi, we're lost in Yuma.

Mile 180.1: We find a Cracker Barrel. Somewhere, Rachel is frowning.

Mile 180.2: Donna is still complaining. Jeff also wishes he was never born.

Mile 180.6: We nearly run over a lizard pulling into a gas station. During fill-up, Donna sprays Jeff with wiper fluid.

Mile 180.9: We discover the best place ever to eat! Sadly, we're no longer hungry.

Who doesn't want an All-You-Can-Eat KFC/A&W buffet??
Sounds like the start of a Poopenanny to me!

Mile 181.2: Back on the 8. BOOO!

Mile 183.6: Jeff finds where they make BLTs. . .

It's the BLT Factory!

Mile 195.9: Inspection station. We're going to jail.

Mile 197.0: Watch for rocks. Again. We hate the 8!

Mile 216.4: Hi, we're going 95MPH. We may perish!

Mile 219.1: The only car greener than Jon's Prius:

Hi, it's lime green! Where's Mr. Leonard?

Mile 227.7: Jeff ponders the age-old question, "Who's Adam?"

Mile 234.7: Jeff is suddenly VeryBusy:


Mile 237.9: Donna and Jeff giggle about Debbie and her crazy poem.

Mile 271.6: Nothin's going on.

Mile 283.8: We're in a dust cloud.

Mile 293.9: Time to get off the 8. Thank God Donna's paying attention, because Jeff is the worst navigator ever. Now we're on the 85!

Mile 294.1: Jeff dubs it the hatey-five.

Mile 296.0: We end up in Gila Bend, AZ.

Mile 297.0: Donna is very happy because she is in the desert listening to Camper Van Beethoven. Jeff briefly considers passing out.

Mile 297.5: Jeff wakes up as we pass by the Space Aged Lodge and Restaurant.

Free Anal Probes!

Mile 297.8: Gila Bend is also the home of a crazy dinosaur.

It's a Crazysaurus!

Mile 312.2: "Watch for Animals Next 17 Miles" sign! Donna's right here.

Mile 328.9: 344 Miles to LA! Yo, we ain't even goin' there.

Mile 329.1: Jeff discovers why nothing grows in Arizona:

Poop + Arizona = Fertizona!

Mile 332.9: Hi, we're on the 10! We still ain't even goin' to LA.

Mile 342.8: State Prison Surprise! Jeff wants a State Prison Surprise. Ofcoursehedoes.


Mile 344.4: Hi, we're in traffic. BOOOO!

Mile 347.2: Still in Traffic. Perhaps it's because there's a giant dust storm approaching. Donna's singing a song about her ass hurting.

Mile 349.7: Jeff's arm nearly bursts into flames when he mistakenly sticks it out the window. "It's not the heat, it's the stupidity."

Mile 353.5: We get on the 101 Loop North! Jeff wonders where Mimi Rogers is. No one else understands.

Mile 371.4: Johnny Cash sings, "I fell into a burning Ring of Fire." Apparently, he wrote this song in Arizona.

Mile 383.8: Wild fire danger is high! It's very dangerous here.

Mile 420.7: Bloody Basin! Jeff & Donna predict they will end up there before the end of the trip.

Oh, it's gonna be!

Mile 435.7: Donna claims a win at Cow Poker. "But they might have been horses," she notes.

Mile 459.8: We're approaching Sedona!

Mile 470.2 We arrive at the Wildflower Inn! Damned hippies.

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Rachel said...

Cracker Barrel again? Have I taught you nothing? Does what I say go in one ear and out your ass?????
I'm verydisappointed in both of you!